VR Space – The Last Mission

Image by Loading Home

VR Space – The Last Mission is a very nice looking space shooter. Waves of enemy ships are approaching and you have to survive as long as possible.

VR Space – The Last Mission – Apple AppStore



3 thoughts on “VR Space – The Last Mission”

    1. Hmm good question, but I think no. Apple always waits when it comes to new technology. I definitely would love to see a VR device from Apple but I think this might take another year or two…


      1. Jeeze, that long, huh?
        I’d hate to see ’em get left behind.
        In “another year or two”, the specs for Rift 3 will’ve already leaked,
        while Apple has yet to release *any* VR device: standard or mobile.
        Oh, well ….

        BTW, upon further futzing around with “VR SPACE: The Last Mission”,
        I really like hiw there’re people just milling about.
        Really adds to the immersion, I think.


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