New Fibrum VR Apps

I found five new Apps by Fibrum, mostly pre-rendered videos that play in a small screen in a VR environment. People with arachnophobia should avoid some of these apps ;). Zor Bowling VR is actually a game with controller support. Sadly I could not figure out how to play it properly without a controller.

Image by Fibrum

Star Hammer VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Last Floor VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Sky Runners VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Zor Bowling VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Mystical Island VR – Apple AppStore

5 thoughts on “New Fibrum VR Apps”

  1. Oh, Jesus …. lol
    It looks like the exact same thing.
    With all the Google Cardboard HMDs floating around,
    how was I to know some shyster manufactuer
    is just pumping them out just with different labels on ’em? lol


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