New Fibrum VR Apps

I found five new Apps by Fibrum, mostly pre-rendered videos that play in a small screen in a VR environment. People with arachnophobia should avoid some of these apps ;). Zor Bowling VR is actually a game with controller support. Sadly I could not figure out how to play it properly without a controller.

Image by Fibrum

Star Hammer VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Last Floor VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Sky Runners VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Zor Bowling VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Mystical Island VR – Apple AppStore

VR Battle and VR Tank

Image by Digital World Studio
Image by Digital World Studio

VR Battle is a helicopter battle game. Shoot approaching helicopters and survive as long as possible. Good graphics but the gameplay is a little, meh..

VR Tank is a tank training game where you shoot targets that are appearing around you. Shoot as many as you can along the track.

Both games are well made graphical wise but the gameplay Β could be better. So this is not fully recommended by me. The apps can be purchased separately for $0.99 and $1.99 but there is a bundle for both for $1.99 as well.

VR Battle and VR Tank – Apple AppStore