Troopers VR

Image by Frank Groh

Kill all the Aliens that appear around you. You don’t need any input. Just look around and shoot. Cool game!

Troopers VR – Apple App Store

New Fibrum VR Apps

I found five new Apps by Fibrum, mostly pre-rendered videos that play in a small screen in a VR environment. People with arachnophobia should avoid some of these apps ;). Zor Bowling VR is actually a game with controller support. Sadly I could not figure out how to play it properly without a controller.

Image by Fibrum

Star Hammer VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Last Floor VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Sky Runners VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Zor Bowling VR – Apple AppStore

Image by Fibrum

Mystical Island VR – Apple AppStore