Neo – Virtual Reality for Reddit


This time I’m promoting my own app. Neo – the virtual reality image, gif and video viewer for Reddit.

Download it and leave a nice review on the AppStore 🙂 I rely on it and makes my AppStore ranking better.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints please reply here with a comment.

Neo – Virtual Reality for Reddit – Apple AppStore

VR Battle and VR Tank

Image by Digital World Studio
Image by Digital World Studio

VR Battle is a helicopter battle game. Shoot approaching helicopters and survive as long as possible. Good graphics but the gameplay is a little, meh..

VR Tank is a tank training game where you shoot targets that are appearing around you. Shoot as many as you can along the track.

Both games are well made graphical wise but the gameplay  could be better. So this is not fully recommended by me. The apps can be purchased separately for $0.99 and $1.99 but there is a bundle for both for $1.99 as well.

VR Battle and VR Tank – Apple AppStore

Unicycle Delivery Service

Image by Level 13 Games Inc.

Unicycle Delivery Service is some kind of Crazy Taxi clone. Make deliveries in a certain amount of time. Nice game but for my taste it is to much motion and rotation in the game. The best way to play would be on a revolving chair. Also the frame rate is sometimes not that high due to many high quality models in sight. You can try before you buy with the lite version of UDS.

Unicycle Delivery Service Lite – Apple AppStore

Unicycle Delivery Service – Apple AppStore