Series: Best VR Apps for iOS


Finding good apps on the AppStore is a major problem. It’s very time consuming and you have to dig deepΒ into the AppStore toΒ find the treasures that are well made and fun to use. I am a developer myself and I frequently crawl through the store to see what’s new and what’s going on in the iOS VR scene. I already downloaded tons of apps and checked them out – sadly, most of them are crap and a waste of time.

I have a folder on my iPhone named “Good VR” and that’s what I want to tell you. Which are the good VR apps for iOS.Β I am going to post a new app to my blog once or twice a week so stay tuned and check back frequently.

Shinecon QR Code for Google Cardboard Apps

This is the QR code for Google Cardboard Apps for iPhone and Android. It sets the app that scanned the code to the correct visual settings. After scanning Google Cardboard Apps look much better with the Shinecon Virtual Reality HMD.

Safe the image and scan the code for every new app. Have fun!